How to Learn Any Language

Posted by on April 7, 2011

(Originally posted on February 2, 2008, in the original Random Dewey blog)

How to Learn Any Language by Barry Farber. The method he advocates consists of a combination of methods. He starts with five lessons from a grammar book, then moves on to a multi-track attack. His tools are: a magazine or newspaper, a highlighter, a dictionary, blank flash cards, the rest of the grammar book, and an audio course.

I read this book because I was looking for ideas for refreshing my Spanish. My multi-track attack consists of a grammar book, a vocabulary book, audio books in the car, reading kid or teen books (because they tend to have more of the everyday language), and watching dubbed 80′s TV on a local channel on weekends (Xena, Hercules, original BSG, Quantum Leap, Incredible Hulk, Magnum PI and Miami Vice — I love educational TV!).


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