Little Mosque on the Prairie, season 1

Posted by on September 30, 2011

Little Mosque on the Prairie

Little Mosque on the Prairie, season 1 (2007). Eight episodes.

Starring Carlo Rota, Zaib Shaikh, Sitara Hewitt, Debra McGrath, Manoj Sood, Derek McGrath, Neil Crone, Arlene Duncan and Sheila McCarthy.

This Canadian sitcom takes place in a prairie town in Saskatchewan. The small Muslim community meets in the new mosque in the parish hall of the local Anglican church. The main characters include the Hamoudi family — he’s a contractor who uses part of the building as a free office, she’s a convert who does PR for the mayor, and their grown daughter is a doctor. There are also conservative Muslims, such as Fatima, a Nigerian Muslim who runs a local diner; and Baber, who can get carried away with his conservatism and often clashes with his teenage daughter and with Amaar, the new imam / former Toronto lawyer.

The non-Muslim main characters include the Anglican priest who becomes a good friend of Amaar’s; the local bigot with a radio talk show who is a frequent customer at Fatima’s diner; and the mayor.

I really enjoyed this. The many cultures living together — Muslim and not, Canadian and immigrant, conservative and liberal, parents and children, blending and not — are sympathetically presented without being sanctimonious or hitting you over the head with it. It manages to be what it aimed to be: a comedy about a small town in Canada. And it’s funny. Can’t wait to watch season two.


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