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Posted by on October 17, 2011

Brothers book coverCoolies book cover

Coolies, by Yin & Chris Soentpiet.
Brothers, by Yin & Chris Soentpiet.

I pickup up Brothers because of the cover. I checked it out because of the inside illos. I looked for the prequel because of the story.

In the first book, Coolies, Chinese brothers Shek and Wong leave their family in 1865 and go to the United States to work on the railroad. For four years, they work hard through difficult conditions and prejudice.

The sequel, Brothers, features their younger brother, Ming, who joins them at their San Francisco grocery store several years later and befriends Patrick, an Irish boy his age.

The stories by Yin are good, interesting, and well-researched. Soentpiet’s illustrations are gorgeous. You can see more illos at his website.

WorldCat: CooliesBrothers

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