Book list: Time travel (1)

Posted by on October 23, 2011

We have a science fiction and fantasy display at MPOW. Every month or two, the theme changes and I put together a list of books I can pick from to stock the display. The lists aren’t meant to be comprehensive or “best of.” They’re simply lists of books that fit the theme and are in MPOW’s collection. I figured I’d start posting them here once in a while. Titles and last names only, sorry. This particular one, Time Travel, got away from me, so it’s kinda long.

Time Travel (part 1 of 3)

Ab Hugh, D Fallen heroes
Allen, R Depths of time
Anderson Shield of time
Anderson, T Crusade
Anderson, T Into the storm : destroyermen
Appel Twice upon a time
Asimov, I End of eternity
Asimov, I Ugly little boy
Asprin, R House that Jack built
Asprin, R Time scout
Attanasio In other worlds
Baker, K Gods and pawns
Baker, K Graveyard game
Baker, K In the garden of Iden
Baker, K Mendoza in Hollywood
Baker, K Sky coyote
Barnes, J Finity
Barnes, S Far beyond the stars
Baxter, S Ring
Baxter, S Time ships
Benford, G Timescape
Benford, G Worlds vast and various
Birmingham, J Designated targets / Final impact
Bishop, M No enemy but time.
Boulle, P Planet of the apes
Bowes, R From the files of the time rangers
Bradbury Toynbee convector
Bradbury, R Ahmed and the oblivion machines
Brisbin, T Love through time
Burroughs Place of dead roads
Butler, O Kindred
Card, O Pastwatch
Cherryh, C. Morgaine Saga
Clarke, A Time’s eye
Clement, H Mission of gravity
Crichton, M Timeline
D’Amato, B In the courts of the sun
de Camp, L. Lest darkness fall
Deveraux, J Knight in shining armor
Di Filippo, P Emperor of Gondwanaland and other stories
Dick, P Dr. Futurity
Dickinson, C Shortcut in time
Dickson, G Time storm
DuMaurier, D House on the Strand
Esquivel, L Law of love
Farris, J Avenging fury
Finney Time and again.


Part 1 – Part 2Part 3

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