Book list: Time travel (2)

Posted by on October 23, 2011

We have a science fiction and fantasy display at MPOW. Every month or two, the theme changes and I put together a list of books I can pick from to stock the display. The lists aren’t meant to be comprehensive or “best of.” They’re simply lists of books that fit the theme and are in MPOW’s collection. I figured I’d start posting them here once in a while. Titles and last names only, sorry.

Time Travel (part 2 of 3)

Fletcher, D Remember the magic
Flint, E 1634 : the Baltic War
Flint, E Time spike
Flint, E. (ed.) Ring of fire
Frank, J. Sunrise on the Mediterranean
Gabaldon, D Outlander
Gardner, C Dragon sleeping
Genoa, C Foop!
Gray, A Ten tales tall & true
Graziano, L Cretaceous dawn
Griffin, P. Switching well.
Grimwood, K Replay
Haldeman, J Accidental time machine
Haldeman, J Forever war
Hambly, B Ishmael
Heinlein, R Door into summer
Heinlein, R For us, the living
Heinlein, R Time enough for love
Howard, L Son of the morning
Hubbard, L Very strange trip
Hubbell, W Cretaceous sea
Jason I killed Adolf Hitler
Kelly, J (ed.) Secret history of science fiction
Knight, A Jane’s warlord
Kurland, L Garden in the rain
Kurland, L My heart stood still
Lane, M Yesterday’s tomorrows
Leiber, F Big time
Levinson, P Plot to save Socrates
Lightman, A Einstein’s dreams
Magrs, P Mad dogs and Englishmen
Matheson, R Bid time return (aka Somewhere in Time)
Matheson, R What dreams may come
McCaffrey, A Dragonflight
Mcconnell, A Morpheus factor
McDevitt, J Time travelers never die
McIntyre, V Star Trek IV : the voyage home
McMullen, S Centurion’s empire
Miller, L Pirates
Millet, L Oh pure and radiant heart
Moorcock, M Behold the man
Moorcock, M Dancers at the end of time
Moser, N Second time around
Moser, N Time lottery
Niffenegger, A Time traveler’s wife
Niven, L Rainbow Mars
Niven, L World out of time


Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3

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