Book list: Time travel (3)

Posted by on October 23, 2011

We have a science fiction and fantasy display at MPOW. Every month or two, the theme changes and I put together a list of books I can pick from to stock the display. The lists aren’t meant to be comprehensive or “best of.” They’re simply lists of books that fit the theme and are in MPOW’s collection. I figured I’d start posting them here once in a while. Titles and last names only, sorry.

Time Travel (part 3 of 3)

Norton, A Atlantis endgame
Norton, A Echoes in time
Norton, A Firehand
Norton, A Time traders
Paulsen, G Transall saga
Piercy, M Woman on the edge of time
Powers, T Anubis gates
Pratchett, T Night watch
Pratchett, T Thief of time
Rand, A Anthem
Reynolds, A Century rain
Rose, L Camera obscura
Saberhagen, F Pilgrim
Sawyer, R Flashforward
Shapiro, S Time to remember
Shimerman, A Merchant prince
Silverberg, R. (ed.) Time travelers
Simak Highway of eternity
Simak, C Our children’s children
Simmons, D Hyperion
Simmons, T Forever angels
Simpson, G Dechronization of Sam Magruder
Smith, G Blackout
Steele, A Chronospace
Stirling, S Against the tide of years
Stirling, S Island in the sea of time
Swanwick, M Bones of the earth
Swigart Portal : a dataspace retrieval
Tepper, S. Beauty
Turtledove, H Guns of the south
Turtledove, H (ed.) Best time travel stories of the 20th century
Twain, M Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s court
Van Horne, H McKnight’s revenge
Van Horne, H Serpent and the rose
Varley, J Mammoth
Watt-Evans, L Crosstime traffic
Weber, D 1633
Weber, D Excalibur alternative
Wells, H Time machine
Weston Children of the light
Willis, C Doomsday book
Willis, C To say nothing of the dog
Wilson Bridge of years
Wilson, R Chronoliths
Wright, D History of Lucy’s love life in ten and a half chapters
Yolen, J Devil’s arithmetic
Zelazny, R Roadmarks


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