Vuelta Atras

Posted by on January 23, 2012

Book cover: Vuelta AtrasVuelta Atrás, by Robert J. Sawyer. Translated into Spanish by Rafael Marin Trechera. Original title: Rollback.

In 2010, Dr. Sarah Halifax had been the first to decipher the alien signal from Sigma Draconis. Thanks to her work, a reply was sent by Earth but, because of the great distance involved, a second signal wasn’t expected from Sigma Draconis for almost forty years.

Now it’s 2048 and the second signal has been received. Sarah is now in her late 80′s and feeling her age, so she’s not sure she’ll be able to work on this new puzzle. Out of the blue, a millionaire offers to pay for her to go through “Rollback,” a rejuvenating procedure that would “roll her back” to age 25. She agrees, but only if Don, her husband of sixty years, can go through Rollback too.

The millionaire agrees. Don and Sarah undergo the treatment together. It works beautifully for Don, and he regains the body and sharpness of mind of a 25-year-old. Unfortunately, the treatment doesn’t work for Sarah.

This is my first Robert J. Sawyer book and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d seen his name but really had no idea what kind of science fiction he writes. Now that I’ve read this one, I hope to read more. It’s more about the people than about the science. It’s about how people deal with, and react to, advances in science and technology. Nominated for the 2008 Hugo Award.


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