Parenting for Primates

Posted by on January 27, 2012

Book cover: Parenting for PrimatesParenting for Primates, by Harriet J. Smith.

When Harriet J. Smith was a comparative psychology graduate student, she hand-raised cottontop tamarins — a kind of small monkey. She was able to raise them to adulthood, but things kept going very wrong when the tamarins had babies of their own. Smith had to figure out how to teach the monkeys to become good cottontop tamarin parents.

The book goes into detail about the many and very different ways that primates, including humans, go about raising their young. Don’t let the cover discourage you. This is a very interesting book.

Chapter titles: Learning to parent – The primate recipe for mothering – The diversity of primate fathering – The babysitter’s club – Weaning wars – The quiet years – Emptying the nest – Parenting with partners – Parenting solo – The dark side of parenting – How much do parents matter?


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