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Posted by on January 31, 2012

‪NCompass Live: Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: Presentation Skills‬. January 25, 2012. 1 hour 11 minutes.

- Jenica Rogers, Director of Libraries at SUNY Potsdam.
- Jezmynne Dene, Director of the Portneuf (ID) District Library.
- David Lee King, Digital Branch & Services Manager at the Topeka & Shawnee County (KS) Public Library.

Very interesting talks and discussion about how to, and how not to, give a professional presentation. Recommended.

Notes after the cut.

JENICA ROGERS, Director of Libraries at SUNY Potsdam.

  • get their attention.
  • tell a story. have a narrative structure.
  • focus on the good stuff. don’t try to tell everything you know.
  • never read your slides. if you can’t help it, then don’t put words on your slides.
  • end well.

See also: Adding to your presentation skill set and Presentation tips.

JEZMYNNE DENE, Director of the Portneuf (ID) District Library.

  • be confident in what you’re doing. prepare prepare prepare. confident –> comfortable.
  • don’t leave the planning to the last moment. start the outline while you’re preparing the proposal. prepare ahead of time.
  • care about what you’re talking about. it gets their attention.
  • don’t clutter your slides.
  • check the room, the equipment (use your own laptop!), the screen wallpaper and icons (unclutter it), turn off notifications. create a profile just for teaching, so it’s clean and uncluttered.
  • try to engage your audience.
  • have a backup plan. have two. have three. have the presentation in multiple formats and copied onto a flash drive.

DAVID LEE KING, Digital Branch & Services Manager at the Topeka & Shawnee County (KS) Public Library.

  • Don’t use templates.
  • Use presenter notes.
  • Use presenter view (on Keynote).
  • Learn your PC.
  • Use screenshots, not the live web.
  • Do what you said you’d do. no false advertising.
  • Work on introduction, transitions, conclusions.
  • Rehearse.
  • Interact with the audience.
  • It’s a performance.

See 10 Tips to Do Presentations Like Me: The Whole List for details.

MICHAEL SAUERS, Nebraska Library Commission’s Technology Innovation Librarian.

  • Know how your equipment works.
  • Pay attention to what the previous presenters said. If you can, work it in.
  • Font size rule of thumb: use fonts no smaller than half the age of the oldest audience member.

Additional notes:

  • All three prefer not to turn in their slides ahead of time. because they’re likely to change before the presentation, and also are useless if they don’t have words.
  • Hard to use Prezi well. mostly used badly.
  • What if you *have* to use a required template? David says no. Jezmynne says, “But I’m not going to do slides.”
  • where to get inspiration for doing talks well/differently? Slideshare. TED Talks.

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