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Piled Higher and Deeper # 4

Piled Higher and Deeper. Chapter 4: Academic Stimulus Package, by Jorge Cham. This is the fourth compilation of the online comic strip, Piled Higher and Deeper (“a grad student comic strip”). PHD is one of the best online time sinks. If you’ve ever been in academia or in grad school, particularly if you’ve ever been … Continue reading »

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The Boy in the Dress

The Boy in the Dress, by David Walliams. Dennis is a 12-year-old boy whose life has been very boring and lonely since his mother left a couple of years ago. He is bullied by his brother and his father has a “no hugging” rule in the house. The two bright spots in Dennis’ life are … Continue reading »

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Librarian joke

Reposted from gin85 at Tumblr: Sherlock Holmes is called in to investigate a murder. After examining the scene, Holmes announces that the killer was a librarian. “How can you tell?” asks Dr Watson. “Elementary my dear Watson. First, the murderer not only alphabetized the victim’s books, but shelved them by genre. There is the fact … Continue reading »

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