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Marcelino Pan Y Vino

Marcelino Pan y Vino, by Jose Maria Sanchez-Silva. Marcelino is an orphan who was abandoned as a baby at the doorstep of a small Franciscan monastery. He grows up to be a mischievious little boy who has the run of the monastery. He only place he’s not allowed to visit is the attic. Of course, … Continue reading »

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Reading list: Paganism

As someone on a locked blog post pointed out recently, it’s hard to find serious books about Pagan topics. Thanks to locked-post-commenter for providing a solution. Cherry Hill Seminary (“Distance education for professional Pagan ministry”) has several lists of books required for their courses. One is for Amazon, the other is for Field’s Book Store. … Continue reading »

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Little Mosque on the Prairie, season 1

Little Mosque on the Prairie, season 1 (2007). Eight episodes. Starring Carlo Rota, Zaib Shaikh, Sitara Hewitt, Debra McGrath, Manoj Sood, Derek McGrath, Neil Crone, Arlene Duncan and Sheila McCarthy. This Canadian sitcom takes place in a prairie town in Saskatchewan. The small Muslim community meets in the new mosque in the parish hall of … Continue reading »

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